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Ashlyn Harris

USWNT & Orlando Pride Soccer

Cocoa Beach, Florida

I've learned that what you put in your body matters and how you treat your body matters. I have to fuel, to be the best version of myself the next day for training, for my dogs and for my family, and all the things I have going on in my everyday life.

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Ashlyn Harris is a Goalkeeper for the USWNT team and has two World Cup championships under her belt. She has also served as Captain of Orlando Pride since 2017.

What Ashlyn has accomplished on the field is only half of it. Off the field, she has been instrumental in achieving equal pay for female athletes, is an advocate for mental health, and is a champion for the LGBTQ community. Her passion for uplifting and improving the lives of those around her is apparent in all her endeavors, and we are honored that Snow Monkey is her latest one.

Ashlyn “eats to fuel” and she strongly believes that nutrition and mindfulness go hand in hand. We understand that life is uncertain for all of us right now, but by joining forces with Ashlyn, we can inspire people to make healthier choices, spread positivity, and keep pushing forward.


Ashlyn Harris' Snow Monkey #GoFuelYourself Campaign; Release February 2021 (Alan Holt, Shara Walker)


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