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3 Reasons You Should Switch To Dairy-Free Ice Cream

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Dairy-free ice cream seems like a trendy product, and that may be true to some degree, but it doesn’t mean the trend doesn’t come with advantages. 

Many people are realizing the benefits of dairy-free ice cream, and they’re making the switch to enjoy those benefits. Dairy-free ice cream is better for your digestive system and, generally speaking,better for the environment. And some dairy-free ice creams are actually healthy. A quick check of the ingredients list will tell you everything you need to know.

1. You’re Probably Lactose Intolerant

People with significant lactose intolerance are usually pretty aware of their condition. The symptoms are very noticeable and cause a great deal of discomfort. People with varying degrees of lactose intolerance may not even realize that their body isn’t too happy about their post-dinner bowl of ice cream.

About 65% of adults have a diminished capacity to digest lactose after infancy. This means that most people are lactose intolerant to some degree. For many people, the symptoms are mild. They dismiss them as feeling a little bloated or a little gassy, and they don’t change their habits to avoid their symptoms. 

Some people are simply used to feeling a little crummy after they eat dairy. They don’t make the association and eliminate dairy because they don’t even realize how much it's impacting their digestive system. 

Try going dairy-free for a week and see what happens. If you notice that your digestive system seems a little happier and experience a reduction in bloating or gas, there’s a decent chance that you’re deficient in the enzyme that breaks down lactose. 

If you’re still not sure (or even if you are), talk to your doctor. Lactose intolerance is easy to test for. Your doctor will have you consume a drink with high levels of lactose and check your blood or even your breath for signs that your body isn’t properly processing the lactose. 

2. Plant-Based Foods Are Better for the Environment

Nearly 10% of all greenhouse gasses emitted into the environment are a result of farming. Cows are huge contributors. As gross as it is to think about, cows are giant gas machines. They’re so gassy that they impact the environment every time they pass gas. Consider the size of a cow and how large its digestive system must be. It’s not a pretty picture.

Cattle also demand a lot of resources. Raising one pound of beef requires as much water as you would require to take a shower every day for 105 days. That’s about 180,000 gallons. One cow produces about 440 pounds of beef, or over 126 years of showers. 

Ice cream and beef both come from the same animal. When you’re buying into mass cattle farming, you’re contributing to this huge appropriation of clean water. In a time where we all understand the importance of conserving resources and reducing emissions, we need to make some important decisions about where and how cattle fits into environmentally friendly practices.

If you can’t or don’t want to eliminate all beef or dairy from your life, you might want to consider cutting back and purchasing only from small, local cattle farms utilizing sustainable farming practices. Switching to alternatives whenever possible will reduce your dependence on products derived from cows, thereby reducing the demand for cattle. It will take time and volume to see real change, but if enough people are willing to eliminate their consumption or reduce it dairy farming and cattle farming will slow down. 

3. The Right Dairy-Free Ice Cream Can Be Healthier

Dairy-free doesn’t necessarily indicate that something is healthy. Dairy-free products can be loaded with unnecessary fats from unhealthy sources and packed with added sugars. It doesn’t matter what these ingredients are added to -- they’ll always be bad for you.

Look at the label on your favorite chocolate dairy ice cream and compare it to your favorite chocolate dairy-free ice cream. Dairy will be missing from the ingredients list, but it’s likely that the nutrition facts will be virtually the same. Ice cream is typically made with a lot of sugar and loaded with unhealthy fats. When it isn’t, it’s made with non-nutritive sweeteners that are harder for the body to process. 

Snow Monkey is the healthiest dairy-free ice cream you’ll ever find. Chocolate Snow Monkey features a modest 3 grams of added sugar per serving, and that sugar comes from natural maple syrup. You’re getting 6 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, a little kick of vitamin C, some calcium, and 15% of your daily value of iron. 

Snow Monkey is made of seeds, fruit, and antioxidant-packed superfoods. There’s no dairy, wheat, refined sugar, eggs, or tree nuts. 

Not only is Snow Monkey nutritionally sound, but it’s also free from all major allergens. Snow Monkey always has a place on your plate. Or in your glass, or your bowl, or your cone, or your protein smoothie. It also has a place right in its pint carton, and you can visit with a spoon. 

4. It’s Just as Delicious As Dairy Ice Cream

The benefits of switching to dairy-free ice cream are clear. The real question is whether or not dairy-free ice cream is just as good. Nobody wants to switch to something they like less. You don’t try a new latte shop because their coffee isn’t as good as it is at your favorite place. 

In many ways, dairy-free ice cream and dairy ice cream are quite similar. You’ll always find tried and true classics in both varieties, so your chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cravings can just as easily be satisfied by a plant-based alternative that’s kinder to your body and to the environment. You’ll also find many new flavors in both dairy and dairy-free versions that are new, exciting, and different. But plant-based versions tend to experiment in ways traditional versions do not, like with exotic fruits or matcha green tea.

The difference that people are most likely to notice is in the texture. Dairy-free ice creams made with almond milk, for example, don’t usually have the same rich, creamy texture that people want in a dessert. That’s because these milks are thinner and lower in natural fats and fiber, changing the consistency to something much lighter than you may be accustomed to.

Snow Monkey uses pureed fruits as the base for our ice cream. It’s creamy, robust, hearty, and sticks to your spoon the same way a big bite of your favorite dairy ice cream will. You won’t be sacrificing the texture or flavor when you choose a dairy-free ice cream that’s rich and satisfying. 

The Takeaway

Going dairy-free is probably better for your digestive system if you’re a part of the majority. It’s also better for the environment and better for your health if you choose a dairy-free ice cream that’s formulated with your body in mind.

That ice cream should be Snow Monkey. Our wide selection of vegan, allergen-free, paleo-friendly anytime desserts are nutritious enough to eat at every meal (we often do!). Snow Monkey is intelligent fuel for your body. If mother nature didn’t make it, we don’t use it. It’s as simple as that. 


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