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Why Are Frozen Desserts Becoming So Popular?

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We usually call things “as American as apple pie” when we really should be calling them “as American as ice cream.” You never see the apple pie man driving down the street, and there is no apple pie stand at the beach. 

People love frozen desserts for their versatility, convenience, and adaptability. Busy people don’t usually have the time to commit to baking a pie or a cake from scratch. Frozen desserts are a grab and go solution that provide a tasty pick me up without a long labor of love. Baking up a big batch of brownies has a time and place, but frozen desserts are there when you don’t have time to take out the stand mixer and wash all the dishes. 

They’re Just Easier

A frozen dessert doesn’t involve cooking anything. If you’re not the type of person who wants a sweet treat every day, baking a big batch of something seems like a lot of work for little reward. If you’re cooking all of your other meals, the time you spend cooking dessert is time you could otherwise spend doing something relaxing or more important - unless you find baking cathartic, then by all means go for it and please invite us over when it’s ready.

Buying your dessert is ultimately easier than cooking your dessert. You can pack your freezer with frozen desserts that will stay fresher for longer. This means fewer trips to the store when you want something sweet. There’s nothing more convenient than opening the freezer door to find everything you want waiting for you. 

They Last Longer

Frozen food stays tasty for longer. A batch of cupcakes begins to dry up and harden within a few days. If you have a bunch of cupcakes that are on the verge of going stale, you may feel tempted to overeat. You don’t want them to go bad, so you’ll chow down on them whether or not you’re hungry. There’s no way to keep them fresh until you’re craving them again.

You can keep a frozen dessert in the freezer for a few months. This makes buying larger quantities feasible. You don’t have to eat an entire pint of ice cream in a day if you don’t want to. It’ll be there waiting the next time you’re in the mood for dessert, and it will taste just as delicious as it did when you first opened the pint. 

They’re Usually Inexpensive

Baking a cake from scratch is an expensive process. You have to buy whole portions of all the ingredients, even if you only need a little bit. A recipe that calls for two cups of almond flour requires you to buy at least a pound. Pure extracts like vanilla or lemon can also cost a pretty penny. When all is said and done, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to spend $40 baking a single cake.

A pint of ice cream is about $6 and contains four servings. Two pints of ice cream will feed 8 people for $12. That’s undoubtedly a lot less expensive and complicated than a $40 cake venture. Rather than baking up a big chocolate cake, grab a couple pints of chocolate ice cream. (And before everybody reading this calls us hypocrites - we get it, our product is expensive on our website but that is because shipping ice cream is unfortunately a very expensive process. You can find Snow Monkey pints in a store near you for $5.99. Trust us, we don’t take pleasure in charging as much as we do for online orders).

When ice cream goes on sale, it’s easy to stock up. It won’t go bad for a long time. If you see a buy one, get one sale, you can easily grab a dozen pints.  If you go through a pint a week, that’s a three month supply. Dessert always tastes better when half the ice cream you’re eating is free.

They Come in Many Varieties

You get a lot of choices with frozen desserts. Ice cream, both dairy and non-dairy, serves as the medium for many popular dessert flavors. Almost everything you want, from brownies to cake to fruit to pie, can be mixed into a pint and served frozen. It’s very easy to find a frozen dessert that will satisfy your craving for just about any sweet treat.

They Accommodate Vegans

Finding vegan baked desserts is difficult. Honey, eggs, and butter are staples in most recipes. Major bakeries, including your grocery store’s bakery, rarely cater to vegans when they’re preparing their products. This leads vegans to become kitchen superheroes, learning to bake and cook everything from scratch. While it’s satisfying to whip something up all on your own, it’s not always the ideal solution. You don’t want to spend three hours baking when a sudden sweet craving arises.

Non-dairy frozen desserts are a little more mindful of a vegan’s dietary restrictions. Non-dairy frozen desserts have become a grocery store staple. Even if your grocery store’s bakery doesn’t have many vegan options, their frozen foods section will.

Many Frozen Desserts are Allergen Friendly

Many of the eight major allergens are found in most desserts. It’s unlikely that you’ll encounter fish or shellfish in a chocolate croissant, but the other ¾ are likely hanging around. Wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and dairy are abundant in baked goods. 

Frozen desserts can be made completely allergen free. None of the most common allergens are needed to make a dairy-free frozen dessert like vegan ice cream. 

They Can Be Highly Nutritious

Many people are trying to be more mindful of what they eat. Many desserts are full of sugar or packed with empty carbs. They don’t offer much in the way of nutritional value. It’s really hard to find a store bought muffin packed with protein. Frozen desserts tend to offer your body a lot more than something bready. 

Not all vegan ice creams are nutritionally ideal. Many of them swap out dairy milk for plant milk and follow the rest of the recipe for traditional ice cream. This means they’re loaded with refined sugar and additives. Plant milk doesn’t contain a meaningful amount of protein, so the pint comes up short in a very important area. 

Frozen desserts like Snow Monkey are easy grab and go solutions for people who want a dessert that can intelligently fuel their bodies. Snow Monkey is vegan, paleo, free from refined sugar, and free from all major allergens. 

Our base is made of fruit, sunflower butter, maple syrup, and hemp protein. With 20+ grams of plant-based protein per pint and antioxidant rich flavors, there’s never a bad time to eat Snow Monkey. If you want to eat dessert every day, your body will appreciate it. It just can’t be more perfect. 

The Takeaway

Everybody is busy. We’re all trying to eat healthier, save time, save money, and find things that fit within our dietary restrictions. All of these factors combine to create a set of circumstances that can feel impossible to navigate at the grocery store, especially if you’re looking for desserts.

Frozen desserts are the most versatile option for people who need the perfect solution for their sweet tooth and their lifestyle. You can carve out a little more free time by stocking your freezer with delicious desserts that you can grab and enjoy as you please. Snow Monkey is the perfect anytime dessert to satisfy your cravings. 


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