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3 Gluten Free Desserts: Quick & Easy Recipes

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The dessert aisle or your local bakery aren’t always accommodating to people who can’t eat gluten. Gluten-free desserts are few and far between, and when you can find them, they’re usually much more expensive than their glutinous counterparts. Making your own gluten-free desserts can help you save some money, but can it help you save some time?

Dessert doesn’t always have to be a monumental undertaking. It can be easy to make a great dessert in just a few minutes. The less time you have to spend cooking, the more time you have to hang out with your friends and family. 

1. Frozen “Cheese”-cake 

Frozen plant-based cheesecake is shockingly simple and highly impressive. If you want to bring a gluten-free plant-based dessert to an event, this one will look and taste like you spent more than five minutes putting it together. Call it your secret recipe. We’re not going to tell on you.

Gluten-free pie crusts or mix are relatively easy to find in the baking aisle of most grocery stores. If it’s important to you that your pie crusts are vegan, check the ingredients for honey. Many graham cracker style crusts are sweetened and flavored with honey. A quick double check can prevent a mishap. 

Then, take 16 ounces of a cream cheese substitute like Kitehill and a whole pint of Strawberry Snow Monkey. Leave them sitting out on the counter for one to two hours to allow them to significantly soften. Don’t warm them in the microwave. They won’t melt uniformly and the heat can cause ingredients to separate. 

When they’re soft, put both the Strawberry Snow Monkey and cream cheese substitute in a bowl and blend them together very well. If you have a stand mixer, even better. Drop them in the bowl and let the mixer do the heavy lifting. You can toss in some fresh sliced strawberries if you feel so inclined. Frozen strawberries will work, but fresh strawberries will release some yummy strawberry juice into the mixture and amp up the flavor profile. 

Then, pour the mixture into the pie crust, cover it, and stick it in the freezer for about six hours. Take it out when you’re ready to serve. It will look and taste like frozen strawberry cheesecake, but will ultimately be much healthier. It’s not full of added sugar and it’s free from gluten and dairy. When everyone can enjoy dessert, the whole table wins. 

2. Dessert Crepes

Dessert crepes are easy. Start with gluten-free pancake mix. If you’re vegan or have dairy or egg allergies, you might have to make a few swaps. Replacing eggs for flax eggs, milk for plant milk, and butter for coconut oil will usually do the trick. If you’re accustomed to accommodating a plant-based diet or being mindful of food allergies, you’re probably used to the standard swaps. 

Prepare your pancake batter. Heat up a non-stick pan to low medium heat, spritzing it with a coconut oil spray. Use a ladle to evenly distribute a very thin layer of batter across the pan, and keep an eye on the batter. It’s thin, so it won’t take very long to cook thoroughly. It will be ready to flip when the edges start to turn gold. 

If you try to flip it but the middle seems too wet, but a lid over your non-stick pan. It will trap the steam and help to cook the middle of the crepe a little quicker. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the center looks pretty and uniform because you’re going to fill it and roll it up. No one will see that part, so its flaws will remain a secret. 

Once your crepes are done, fill the centers with a few scoops of Maple Cinnamon Snow Monkey and roll them up. You can serve them with diced or stewed apples if you’re up for something a little fancier. 

If crepes feel a little intimidating, there’s no reason you can’t whip up the batter and toss it in a waffle maker, topping off your warm waffles with Snow Monkey. No one is ever upset when they’re handed a crispy waffle. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, brunch, or dessert. 

3. Black Bean Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Black bean brownies don’t get nearly enough love. It’s a brownie that fuels your body with protein and fiber. It is almost the literal definition of being able to have your brownies and eat them too. (That’s the expression, right?) 

Brownies might not seem like a quick and easy dessert on the surface, but these brownies are different. You just keep tossing the ingredients into your blender. You don’t have to dirty a bunch of bowls or mix anything by hand. The batter pours directly from the blender into the pan.

Start with a 15 ounce can of black beans. Drain them and rinse them very well to get the starchy residue off. Pour them into your high-powered blender. Add ⅓ cup of melted coconut oil, ¼ cup of maple syrup, and ¼ cup of coconut sugar into the blender with your black beans. Turn the blender on and let it thoroughly mix everything. You want to blend until the beans are completely pureed. 

Then, open the blender back up. Drop in ¼ cup cocoa powder, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Blend it until the powdered ingredients are thoroughly incorporated into the bean mixture. At the end, drop in two flax eggs and blend again. 

Oil a 16 x 16  pan and pour your brownie batter very thin. You want it to rise, but you don’t want it to be very tall and dense. You’re going to be using your black bean brownies to make ice cream sandwiches. Pouring the batter to the thickness of a slice of bread will produce the results you want. 

Bake these at 350F and start checking on them at the 15 minute mark. Thinner brownies will bake much faster. Remember that it’s better to slightly underbake the brownies than it is to overbake the brownies. The residual heat will firm them up when they’re left to sit on the counter. 

When the brownies are baked and cooled, make one large cut directly down the center. Spread a pint or two of Snow Monkey on one half. Place the other half on top. Pop the pan into the freezer for a few hours, and cut it into squares once it’s frozen.

The Takeaway

Quick and easy plant-based desserts can be so much more than a pint of ice cream, but all the best recipes include one. Snow Monkey is a plant-based ice cream that’s free from gluten and all eight major food allergens. That’s the beauty of Snow Monkey. Everyone can enjoy it! 

If you don’t feel like cooking or if you don’t have time, just reach for the pint. Snow Monkey packs 20 grams of protein (or more!) and a boatload of antioxidants into every pint. Sure, it’s technically ice cream. One look at the nutrition facts, though, makes it clear that Snow Monkey is the only dessert that’s also suitable for breakfast, fuel or indulgence!


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