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Introducing Snow Monkey 2.0: A tastier, creamier, still incredibly healthy and plant-based version of our previous self

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So, you heard the news -- we updated the recipe for the base of our ice cream. Depending on what you thought of our old recipe you will either find this to be a). good news b). bad news or c). intriguing. We hope most of you are in the ‘a’ or ‘c’ camps off the bat, but if you happen to be in the ‘b’ camp please stick with us through this entire blog post. The rest of you, please read until your mouth begins to water and then go get yourself some of those new pints.

We’d like to start off by saying, for our team, this news is bittersweet. We loved our old base recipe that consisted of bananas, apples, hemp seeds and sunflower seeds. But -- there is always a but with these things -- our new base is insane. Like ‘holy smokes I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to stop craving this stuff’ insane. It’s still made from only fruits, seeds and superfoods, is completely plant-based, free from the top 8 major allergens, paleo and high-protein. It’s just creamier (like way creamier) and smoother, so tasty you will never believe it’s healthy, and enjoyable immediately after pulling it out of the freezer (no more waiting for it to thaw).

There is also one super important detail we need to mention before getting into the specifics:

This new recipe was created by a former Senior Product Developer (who was basically the head of the R+D department, but he’s humble and just goes by the aforementioned title) of Ben & Jerry’s. This guy knows good ice cream as well as we know nutrition, so when we put our heads together the end result, aka our new base recipe, is *we repeat* insane. More on that guy later; now onto the specifics of what changed.

Our all new base recipe is creamier, more scoop-able and insanely delicious. It contains apples. hemp seeds, cassava root and chicory root as the new base ingredients. All pints except Acai Berry, Passion Fruit and Maple Cinnamon will now be using this base..


Meet Our New Ingredients

When we sat down to decide what new ingredients we were going to use, one thing was clear to everyone involved: we would never compromise nutrition for taste. There would be no sugar alcohols or refined sugars. There would obviously be no dairy or lab-made ingredients. There would be absolutely no corners cut. Did these rules drive our food scientist mad? Yes, they definitely did. Did we persevere and find the perfect ingredients to make an ice cream that is packed with both nutrition and deliciousness? Obviously, otherwise this entire situation wouldn’t be happening.


These aren’t new. They were here before and they are here to stay. We love apples so much we gave them a promotion as our first and main ingredient. Thanks to fiber and plant chemicals called flavonoids, apples have got your back -- or rather, your heart, lungs, blood vessels, cholesterol, brain, bones, immune system, and gut. See why we love them so much?

Cassava Root

You’ve probably been seeing this ingredient pop up more and more lately and that’s because it’s a pretty dope root. Ever heard of tapioca? Well, it’s made from cassava. Cassava is native to South Asia and something our founder, Rachel, has incorporated into her diet since she was young. It contains vitamins and minerals like thiamine and riboflavin as well as fiber. It’s also a great option to use in baking for those with gluten and nut allergies.

Chicory Root

Another ingredient that has been gaining popularity, chicory root is most likely to become fast friends with your gut. That is because chicory is packed with inulin, which acts as a prebiotic by feeding the good bacteria in your gut. We want that good bacteria to be well-fed because it helps reduce inflammation, fights harmful bacteria, and improves mineral absorption.

Hemp Seeds

Also not new. Hemp remains one of the only complete forms of plant-based protein, meaning all 9 essential amino acids are present. Despite what anyone tries to tell you, there are no alternatives here. Hemp is the one and only. It’s the superior form of plant-based protein. We’ll never change this. Period.

Monk Fruit

Meet our new maple syrup. We still love maple syrup. It’s one of the best natural sugars you can use, but so is 100% pure monk fruit. Just like maple syrup, it’s low GI and requires no manipulation - it’s just a fruit found in Southeast Asia that is dried and crushed into a powder or turned into an extract. The other great thing about it is that you don’t have to use very much to get a big bang of sweetness.


Why We Did All of This

TL;DR: When we started Snow Monkey, we made a commitment to always serve our customers as best we can and to always offer the most nutritious and delicious products we can make. So, when we met our food scientist we knew it was our opportunity to address a lot of the feedback we had received and uphold our commitments to our customers. 

Feedback ranged from the bananas’ flavor being a little too overbearing, to the pints taking a little too long to thaw and the texture not being as creamy as traditional ice cream. We shared this with our food scientist and then we spent a year working to address each point. There were hundreds of iterations, ideas and ingredient swaps before we landed on the answer - an answer that is so creamy, so tasty and so un-banana-y you’ll probably be tempted to email us confirming that this isn’t dairy-based ice cream. It’s not, and it’s still 100% plant-based, protein-packed, paleo and allergen friendly. Some of the ingredients are new, a number are the same. And most importantly: we reaffirmed our commitment to creating delicious fuel for a healthy, active life.


Comments (4)

  • No character limit? Good! I don’t see the banana-y gripe. The market freezer is as jammed as the FIFA finals. Your sugar and fat content and container design (important as wine labels) got me. The current formulation might work in popsicles. Yeah, too icy, but the melt is pure gold. So, go to it; you’re ahead of as big a crowd as the Kentucky Derby if you can formulate your dreams and market them, too. Then, here’s another project. (Forgive me for, um, projecting): Stevia- sweetened cola. Not Zevia-bad aftertaste and needs the coloring. Not Green cola- (east coast) less, but still bad, aftertaste but has coloring. And both, fortunately, have caffeine. Now the crux: I drink coffee with a packet of stevia added. Tried a couple of brands and eureka! Truvia, from Cargill, is the real deal. You know where I’m headed. Okay, be sceptical. Now try it and see. You wanna be Haagen Daz (nothing wrong with that) or Coca Cola? The sky’s the limit. Cola. No sugar or artificial sweeteners. Little discernible aftertaste. And you’ve done your small part for the health of us dear earth dwellers. The only “cut” I’m asking for is the satisfaction of knowing that you will have given the above some serious consideration and maybe, just maybe, a birth. Almost sounds holy, doesn’t it?

    William Greenman 439 days ago
  • This is the cleanest creamiest ice cream I have ever tasted

    Joseph F Costa Jr 439 days ago
  • Sounds intriguing…I’ll give it a try! But I did live the banana undertones!

    ERIN LASQUADE 439 days ago
  • Hooray
    Looking forward to better texture !!!
    Flavors ??

    Ann Spahr 439 days ago

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