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Frozen Mudslide Drink Recipe

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A frozen mudslide hits every mark for decadence. It’s creamy, sweet, chocolatey, and boozy. What could possibly be more indulgent? 

If you’re looking to serve up an adult-oriented dessert at your next dinner party, it doesn’t get much better than a frozen mudslide. They’re relatively easy to make, and they’re sure to be a hit with all your guests. Well, at least most of your guests.

Frozen mudslides are delicious, but they aren’t so friendly for certain diets. They’re high in sugar and full of dairy, with many of the alcohols utilized coming from non-vegan sources. You can serve up a traditional frozen mudslide, or you can lighten things up a bit with our anytime frozen dessert

Mudslides do have a signature recipe, but there’s more than one way to make dessert!


What is a Mudslide?

A frozen mudslide is, essentially, a boozy chocolate and coffee milkshake. It combines coffee liqueur, vodka, and creme liqueur with ice cream and chocolate into a sippable dessert with a kick. It’s a good thing they’re so rich and filling. If they weren’t, it would be easy to drink enough of them to need a ride home. 

Traditionally, mudslides are made almost always the same way. The only thing that will really change is the garnish. The base combination of alcohol is a universally accepted standard. Just like a gin and soda is always a gin and soda, a mudslide will always contain the same ingredients. 

The base of a mudslide is always Kahlua coffee liqueur. This is combined with vodka of any variety and Bailey’s Irish Cream, a creamy chocolate-y liqueur that lends its texture to the final drink. Ice and some kind of ice cream are where the frozen part of the frozen mudslide comes into play.

If you’re thinking, “Wait, isn’t this almost the exact same thing as a White Russian?,” the answer is yes. The two are incredibly similar. A White Russian simply eliminates the ice cream and the extra chocolate and uses normal cream instead of Bailey’s. It’s the more sophisticated big brother of the mudslide. 


Making a Traditional Frozen Mudslide

For a traditional mudslide, combine ice, a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and one shot each of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua coffee liqueur, and vodka of your choice into a blender. Pulse the blender until the milkshake is smooth. It should only take a few seconds in a high-powered blender. 

Frozen mudslides are often served in the same kinds of glasses you would serve a milkshake in, but any glass will do. You’ll sometimes see them in daiquiri glasses or even chilled glass beer mugs with handles. Once you decide on a glass, tilt it and drizzle chocolate syrup around the inside, swirling the glass to coat it. Pour your drink into the glass, and you’re ready to go. 

This drink is high in sugar and calories. Without any whipped cream or extra chocolate on top, a single frozen mudslide contains about 600 empty calories. If a mudslide provided your body with anything beneficial, this would be no problem at all. Since this is a booze-infused dessert, it’s reasonable to expect that it’s a little light on nutrients. 

If you want to indulge, indulge. If you’re looking for an alternative, you can make the same drink in a lighter and healthier way. It can even be adapted into a vegan dessert cocktail. You’re the bartender in your own kitchen -- don’t be afraid to make your own rules. 


Making a Healthier Frozen Mudslide

If you’re looking to make some swaps, it’s really easy. Use a shot of Mr. Black coffee liqueur, which just so happens to be vegan. Swap out traditional Bailey’s Irish Cream for Bailey’s Almande, the almond milk-based, completely vegan alternative. You can use a vodka of your choice. Chocolate or coffee-flavored vodkas will up the flavor factor. You can also omit the vodka altogether, making the drink one shot lighter. 

Replace the ice cream with a vegan, non-dairy dessert. Snow Monkey’s chocolate dairy-free anytime dessert tastes amazing and lends a creamy texture without adding any unnecessary sugar or fat. It gets its full body from banana and apple purees rather than nuts, soy, or oats. It’s a great alternative to other plant-based frozen desserts. 

You can make the drink the exact same way with these swaps and lighten its caloric load. The healthy version is packed with protein, antioxidants,  vitamin C, calcium, iron, and fiber. 

How’s that for an excuse to indulge? Technically, a healthy mudslide contains more benefits than a conventional mudslide. It’s easier to justify if you’re looking for better ways to treat yourself, and you can even have your healthy mudslide for a boozy brunch, guilt-free.


What About a Non-Alcoholic Mudslide?

A mudslide for kids or people who choose to avoid alcohol is the healthiest mudslide of all. Use your Snow Monkey chocolate vegan ice cream in conjunction with a ¼ cup of unsweetened almond milk or oat milk and ¼ cup of coffee or a shot of espresso. You can use decaf for young children or people sensitive to caffeine. 

An important note here: make sure the coffee or espresso is cold before you toss it into the blender. If it’s still piping hot, it will melt the ice cream and result in a very unappealing glass of mud soup, rather than a mudslide. If you’re impatient, stick your coffee or espresso in the freezer while you’re gathering the rest of your ingredients. It will only take a few minutes to cool down.

The end result is something comparable to the frozen coffee drinks they already know and love, but with the added nutrition of the fruit and vitamin-rich superfood dessert -- nailed it.

This one eliminates everything that could potentially be bad for you, making it a completely valid way to enjoy a milkshake for breakfast. You can even toss in some chia seeds for a boost of protein, fiber, and nutrients. They also add a fun texture to your drink.

Adding a few scoops of protein powder can turn a non-alcoholic mudslide into a delicious workout recovery drink so you can reward yourself for all that heavy lifting! Snow Monkey contains 20 grams of protein per pint. You can have a non-alcoholic mudslide and then tuck into the rest of the pint with a spoon. 


Topping Off Your Glass

There’s arguably enough going on with a mudslide. Most people will coat the inside of the glass with chocolate. Outside of that, you can use whipped cream or non-dairy whipped topping to top off the glass. Crumbled pieces of chocolate or a little extra chocolate drizzle will dress up the drink. 

That may be a bit much. If your mudslide is truly delicious, you shouldn’t need to cover up the flavor with all those extra bits. Omitting them keeps the nutritional merit of your mudslide a little higher, particularly if you omit the alcohol and make them with a Snow Monkey base. 

Don’t forget to serve it with a large diameter reusable straw. There’s no reason to waste any plastic when you’re making mudslides or, well, ever.


The Takeaway

Never feel as though you have to follow a recipe exactly as it's written. You know what you like. Use your intuition to make recipes work better for you. You don’t even have to use chocolate ice cream to make a mudslide. How much more delicious would your mudslide be with mint chocolate chip Snow Monkey? 

A little common sense goes a long way in modifying textbook recipes into something truly unique. There’s no wrong way to create something yummy -- especially if you can figure out how to do it while making something a little healthier. 


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