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There are moments when you look in the mirror and realize it’s time to upgrade yourself. So you do a little bit of this, a little bit of that and hello sexy! Goji Berry just had one of these moments.

Tribe, meet Goji Berry's new and improved self: Açai Berry

At Snow Monkey, we pride ourselves on indulging our Tribe with the healthiest “ice cream” in the jungle and we seize any opportunity to make our creations even healthier. So, when many of you were raving about how Goji tasted just like your favorite açai bowl, we thought, “give the people what they want and toss some of those antioxidant-rich açai berries in there!” 
Okay so, what is changing?
  • The name
  • We’ve added açai berries to the recipe 
Got it. So, what’s not changing?
  • The taste and deliciousness
  • The nutritional values
  • The recipe – it still has goji berries, but now there are açai berries, too

What are açai berries?

Açai berries are native to the rainforests of South America and have more than double the antioxidants of cranberries, pomegranates, elderberries, cherries, and strawberries combined. When paired with goji berries, you essentially hit an antioxidant gold-mine. 

Why do we care about antioxidants again? Because those are the things that inhibit free radicals from causing a wide range of illnesses and chronic diseases. 

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