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What Desserts Can You Eat on a Paleo Diet?

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The paleo diet demands that its participants eat as naturally as they can possibly eat. There aren’t too many pre-packaged or prepared foods that were designed with the paleo diet in mind. If you’re looking to eliminate processed foods and add more whole foods into your diet, you’ve probably found that paleo is the perfect way to go. 

There’s only one question: what’s for dessert?

Since the paleo diet eliminates dairy, sugar, corn syrup, and processed foods, it might feel as though all your options have disappeared. Think again. 

If you’re looking for a healthy paleo dessert, there may be options in the freezer section at your local grocery store.

What is a Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet, or the paleolithic diet, focuses specifically on foods that could easily be obtained by hunter-gatherers in ancient civilizations. The idea behind the diet is that it focuses on the way that early humans ate, and thus how humans were meant to eat.

The paleo diet can be controversial because it works off of assumptions about what our ancestors had available to them and assumes they knew what was and wasn’t safe to eat. But while the paleo diet’s backstory and theory may be a bit misplaced, there are plenty of things this diet gets right.

One of the best reasons to follow the paleolithic diet is that it removes all processed foods, artificial ingredients, and added sugars from your plate. It challenges you to prepare and eat only whole, nutritious foods. Any diet that calls for real, balanced, home-cooked meals made without anything processed or artificial is a good diet. 

If you take the backstory with a grain of salt and look at the actual diet plan, you’ll see that it’s healthy and balanced enough to be worth an honest try.

What Ingredients or Foods Does Paleo Restrict?

Paleo dieters cannot have highly processed foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, margarine, dairy, grains of any kind, legumes of any kind, most vegetable oils, or anything with trans fats.

If it sounds like the entire standard American diet has been eliminated, that’s because it has. 

Our diets are typically very heavy on grains, sugar, highly processed foods, oils, and dairy. People looking to avoid the pitfalls of the standard American diet opt for “diet” versions of sodas and meals, which often contain artificial ingredients and are deceptively highly processed.

Paleo takes away anything filling that doesn’t provide nutritional value, as well as foods that taste good without contributing to your wellbeing. You’re being challenged to cook with whole ingredients and make something fresh and nutritious for every meal.

It’s time to find an alternative to ice cream and something you like to drink more than diet soda. Replace your old cookware and get a new set of kitchen knives. You’re in for a lot of cooking. 

What Foods Are Allowed on a Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet is centered around fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, seasonings, spices, and herbs. 

The paleo diet is giving you pretty much everything you need to create a healthy and filling meal. They heavily encourage the use of spices and herbs to season your food, making it more enjoyable to eat without adding unnecessary sugars or fats to change the flavor. 

Paleo-Friendly Desserts

Give rules to someone with a sweet tooth and watch what happens -- the paleo diet didn’t eliminate dessert. It just made it a little harder to make. 

As soon as the paleo diet gained popularity, expert bakers found numerous ways to make the sweet treats they wanted without technically disobeying the guidelines of the diet.

Paleo eliminates grains, but it does not eliminate nuts. Since almond flour is minimally processed, it’s still an option. Almond flour, eggs, fruit, and natural sweeteners can be used to create cookies, cakes, or muffins that fit within the parameters of a paleo diet. If you’re interested in baking, now is as good a time as any to give it a shot.

Cakes and cookies are often made by substituting all-purpose flour for a combination of almond flour and coconut flour. Coconut sugar is allowed on paleo, so it takes the place of white refined sugar. Eggs are paleo and don’t need to be substituted with anything.

Wise devotees of paleo baking concluded that dark chocolate is on the diet. Paleo allows simple dark chocolate with a high concentration of cacao and a small amount of coconut sugar. Raw chocolate is not actually a bean, but a seed. According to the paleo diet, you should be able to eat chocolate every day.

Are There Any Ready To Eat Paleo Desserts?

Baking is a bit of a chore for people who don’t fancy themselves to be wizards in the kitchen. Since dessert cravings are typically satisfied after dinner, nobody feels like cooking again. 

On a paleo diet, you’re making three meals a day from scratch. Dessert doesn’t feel like a treat if you aren’t in love with cooking. It feels more like hard labor you’d rather do without. Cut yourself some slack and get a premade paleo dessert. 

We have the perfect answer for paleo dieters who can’t kick their ice cream cravings: our dairy-free ice cream is made from fruit and seeds and doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners.. We only use natural sweeteners like maple syrup. Our creamy superfood packed desserts come in a wide array of traditional and unique flavors that are all suited for a paleo diet. Best of all, there are 20+ grams of protein and a huge helping of antioxidants in every pint. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a paleo dessert - it can also be a whole paleo meal.

The Takeaway

Don’t knock the paleo diet until you’ve tried it. Although its premise might be a bit historically off, it offers some solid advice that will undoubtedly benefit your health and change your relationship with food. 

That having been said, plenty of talented chefs and bakers have discovered loopholes that make enjoying indulgent foods on the paleo diet a little bit easier. Paleo forces its participants to be creative and understand their food. When you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make a healthy version of that food. People want their desserts and their cheese, and recipes have popped up all over the place to accommodate those cravings.

You can still have cookies and cakes. You can have alternative cheese made from cashews. And you can even have a delicious, creamy, frozen, paleo-friendly dessert. Many of these alternatives are even better than the dairy or grain based versions that you’re used to. Best of all, you’ll never have to feel guilty about eating something healthy. 


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