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Partnership Highlight: Power Move *Virtual* Yoga Studio

Guest post by Power Move Yoga Founders, Loulou Gadget & Heather Hartel


We launched a yoga studio in the middle of a global pandemic. Yes, you read that correctly. 

Loulou Gadget (left) & Heather Hartel (right)

In March 2020, after being laid off from our in-studio teaching and management positions, we (Heather Hartel and Loulou Gaget) gathered our community of yoga instructors from New York City with the mission of sharing yoga when the world needed it the most.  Neither of us had any experience with starting a small business, nonetheless at the height of a global crisis, but we worked together with the support of our friends and family to successfully open Power Move Yoga’s virtual doors. 

Since our inception, our mission has been to provide a safe space for creativity and movement, support yoga teachers, and bring authentic joy to those practicing at home while giving back to charitable organizations. 

We are committed to offering charitable classes on our schedule every week, and have donated to dozens of organizations that are special to our community, from COVID-19 relief to Social Justice Initiatives, Black Lives Matter,

LGBTQ+ organizations, animal shelters, and local charities. We believe that the practice of yoga is a gift, and that gift can be multiplied and shared in a meaningful way when our customers can feel good about their bodies while feeling good about where their money is going.

While our customers (who we call students) are central to our community, and we are beyond grateful to continue to grow with them, it is equally important to Power Move Yoga to empower yoga instructors and fitness professionals. Most of us came from a corporate yoga studio environment, where sequencing, music, language and teaching styles were governed by the company, leaving the instructor with little creative freedom. When brainstorming to create Power Move Yoga, we agreed that it was paramount that we do things differently. We truly invest in our team of instructors to help foster their growth. We encourage them to teach the formats they want to explore, and we have seen remarkable levels of

Leana Marshall - Power Move Yoga Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

confidence amplifying within each person on our team, as they lean into what feels authentic. Our goal remains to help our instructors teach from the heart, as that is a key to cultivating powerful, high-quality experiences for our students.

We understand that the yoga industry can be problematic. As a fresh face in the game, our focus is highly on inclusivity and creating a space for people of all abilities and walks of life. Since we don’t have a physical space, we have yogis practicing from all over the world. We took the time and what little resources we had as a new business to educate our team of instructors and staff about diversity, equity, and inclusion. It’s a crucial part of creating a welcoming space, and it’s something we will continue to activate throughout the lifespan of this company. 

As for instructors that recently received their 200 Hour Certifications, we recognized how frustrating it was to have a new skill that was impossible to hone in a physical space. So, we created the Teacher Development Program. This program offers new and inexperienced yoga instructors the chance to share yoga with our community and receive one-on-one coaching along the way. For 10 weeks, our TDP instructors get to experience teaching virtually in a hands-on way, while working closely with our diversely knowledgeable and highly-experienced team of instructors. The goals of this program are to help instructors find their authentic voice, nail down technical skills, and practice working with unique clients. It’s a once in a lifetime career opportunity that isn’t possible to have in an

in-person studio right now, especially in NYC. This program kicks the limitations of the current world health climate to the curb, and makes space for learning and growth in 2020 and beyond.

As a female-owned and operated fitness startup, we have faced many challenges in starting a new business, but we are constantly grateful for partners like Snow Monkey who show us what a success story looks like. We’re learning that being female entrepreneurs isn’t something to be intimidated by, but rather it’s a super power that offers us unique and exciting opportunities. It is ultimately so rewarding to be part of a group of committed leaders whose main goal is to make the world a happier, healthier place. 



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