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Snow Monkey 2.0 FAQ(AOBRC): Frantically Asked Questions About Our Base Recipe Change

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Questions are a byproduct of change. And the more something changes, the more questions there will be. It just comes with the territory and, personally, we are all about a good question.

We threw a curveball, so naturally, you’ve got A LOT of questions. We compiled the common few we’ve been getting below and provided answers that hopefully give you with so much info, you frankly don’t care to know more.

Why on earth did you do this?

Short answer: to benefit you.

Long answer: you, as a valued member of the Snow Monkey Tribe, deserve the best. What we had before was good, don’t get us wrong. It was nutritious, tasty and able to be enjoyed by many. But when we know we can give you something that is even better, why wouldn’t we choose to do that? The new base recipe is equally as nutritious, yet creamier, more scoopable and incredibly delicious. We also kept ourselves honest and didn’t change the flavors that were already perfect as-is (Acai Berry, Passion Fruit and Maple Cinnamon).

But I liked the old stuff, can I still get it?

For a limited time (like until mid-October) you *might* be able to find old pints on your local grocery store’s shelves. It really just depends on how fast they move through the product. You will know it is the old recipe if the ingredients statement contains banana.

Acai Berry, Passion Fruit and Maple Cinnamon will not have their recipes changed - so even beyond mid-October you will still be able to find those pints on grocery store shelves and on our website exactly the way they have always been.

What does the new recipe taste like?

Traditional, dairy-packed ice cream. Seriously.

Which ingredients did you change and which stayed the same?

New ingredients: cassava root, chicory root, monk fruit and a little bit of avocado oil, palm oil (ethically sourced/rspo-certified), baking soda, and sea salt.

Not new ingredients: apples, hemp seeds, all of the superfood flavors (eg chocolate, mint, matcha, etc), and a little bit of guar bean gum. Oh, and water.

Our new base recipe is still 100% plant-based, palo and made from only fruits, seeds and superfoods. It's just creamier, more scoop-able and no longer contains banana in most flavors.


Is it still healthy?

Absolutely. Every pint still contains over 20 grams of plant-based protein per pint, minimal amounts of unrefined added sugars with the majority of the sugar content still coming from fruit (apples),



Do the flavors taste different?

Different, but the good kind of different. The absence of bananas allows each of our superfood flavors to shine without any competition. For example, our Chocolate no longer tastes like a chocolate covered banana. Instead, it tastes like a super creamy, indulgent pint of brownie batter.

I noticed only 4 flavors have the new recipe listed, are the others changing, too?

Yes and no. Right now our Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Matcha Green Tea, and Vanilla flavors all use the new base recipe, and Strawberry will also be getting a makeover using our new base recipe.

Acai Berry, Maple Cinnamon and Passion Fruit, however, will not be getting a makeover. They are staying 100% as is (or as was? Wtv, you get the point). We did this because those flavors just worked with the previous base recipe and, from the feedback we received, were the flavors everyone was most happy with.

I want to try it, but what if I don’t like it?

If you are hesitant to commit to our online order minimums, we recommend visiting your local Sprouts or grocery store that carries Snow Monkey to pick up a pint. It’s cheaper and you only have to buy one.

But how will you know which pints have the new recipe? Well, besides the fact that the ingredients label will not contain banana, we made it easy for you by writing “new recipe you gotta try this!” around the lid*.

*Vanilla does not have this written on the lid, but that is because Vanilla never used the old recipe so any pint you pick up will have the new base recipe.



Change is scary, but ice cream is not. There's no need to be scared of this change. You’re going to love it. We loved our old recipe, too, but honestly we love this one more and for the flavors where we felt the new base wasn’t working (Acai Berry, Passion Fruit and, for now, Maple Cinnamon) we didn’t change a thing.

We decided to make these changes for you and to provide you with an even more delicious experience while still keeping your health at the forefront of everything we do. You can even email our food scientist to confirm that - he will gladly tell you how annoying we are with the health stuff and how we vetoed an annoying amount of ingredients we didn’t think were good enough. In his own words “Ice cream development is both technically challenging & takes a lot of time. Despite my ice cream knowledge, I don’t take on many ice cream projects because there are much easier ways for me to make revenue. But I really like a challenge, and this was a challenge.”

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  • I purchase Snow Monkey at a treat for my vegan college student. I was excited to print out the buy one, get one free coupon that was mentioned in last e-mail. Had to wait for a verification code and then after all that, I have to download special software to print?! Forget about it! I am unsubscribing!

    Diana Berns-Zylstra 506 days ago
  • Love love love your ice cream. i’m from Boston Mass, and i rave about it to everyone. i’m the crazy roomie that spends $60 on ice cream HAHAHA but anychance you guys are trying to come into boston grocers? would love to talk more!

    Emily Smith 506 days ago

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