Snow Monkey disrupts Ice Cream Industry in first summer

Fueling America's frenzy to find the most flavorful alternative to traditional ice cream, Snow Monkey, the Superfood Ice Treat loaded with luscious taste and packed with protein, announces its expanded distribution to Wegmans, Central Market and Nugget Market. Now retailing in a whopping 130 stores domestically, Snow Monkey continues to revolutionize the frozen dessert aisle, one pint at a time.

Already available at retail locations and select Whole Foods Market stores in the Southern Pacific region (CA, AZ, NV), Snow Monkey continues to spread the indulgence. With the rollout of the 16-ounce pints at nearly 60 Wegmans stores along the East Coast, Snow Monkey is now available in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. Central Market locations in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio have also begun featuring Snow Monkey in its freezer sections. Additionally, pints can be purchased at all 16 Nugget Market locations in Northern California. At present, distribution totals include 11 states and 130 stores.

Snow Monkey knows that leading a healthy lifestyle isn't just a New Year's Resolution. Now more than ever, modern consumers crave quick, nutritious snacks to satisfy those hunger pangs. In fact, Nielsen Product Insider reveals that the sale of non-dairy ice cream jumped an impressive 49% over the previous year, with shoppers naming protein content as a leading factor in their selection.

And chock-full of an unprecedented 20 grams of protein, Snow Monkey delivers. With recipes crafted from superfoods, using only seven natural, plant-based ingredients, this frozen treat fuels the everyday adventure while keeping the sweet tooth under control. Loaded with fiber and antioxidants, one pint boasts more fiber than four bowls of oatmeal, more protein than three eggs and more iron than a 16-ounce tenderloin steak. Committed to salubrious and sustainable living, Snow Monkey is Vegan, Paleo, Non-GMO, and is free of all eight major allergens including gluten, soy, dairy and nuts.

With an entire pint of Snow Monkey coming in at just under 400 calories, dig in and treat your taste buds to this refreshing and creamy snack. Current flavors include Cacao and Goji Berry with plans to expand the line shortly.

Launched in January 2017, Snow Monkey is the brainchild—and the brain food—of two millennials who took a clever recipe they created in college and brought it to life. Collegiate athletes, Rachel Geicke and Mariana Ferreira sought a frozen snack, abundant in nutritious goodness, that would supercharge their fitness endeavors. But when they came up empty, they decided to reinvent ice cream for themselves. Snow Monkey was born out of love and necessity in their Boston University dorm room.

"We're on a mission to change the way America eats," said Rachel Geicke. "We believe that nutritious and delicious go hand in hand, so we created a product that proves this idea." Co-founder, Mariana Ferreira, agrees. "People are demanding delicious, clean food more than ever," she said. "Whether you are eating it for breakfast, fuel or indulgence, Snow Monkey affords all the fun of treating yourself without the guilt."

Geicke and Ferreira invite you to grab a pint and join their tribe.

Driven by the mantra, "If Mother Nature didn't make it, we didn't use it," the doyennes at Snow Monkey deliver a smooth frozen delicacy for discerning tastes. Founded by two women who met as undergraduates at Boston University, Snow Monkey has reinvented ice cream as a nutritious and indulgent treat. With sustainably-sourced, all-natural, plant-based ingredients, Snow Monkey is proud to be Vegan, Paleo, Non-GMO and free from all major allergens. The Snow Monkey team is on a mission to change the way people eat by reimagining staple favorites as delicious fuel for a healthy life.

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