At Snow Monkey, we believe health is for everyone. Not just those who have time to cook healthy meals, or can afford to drink wheatgrass shots like water.  

We've compiled a few 5 minute Snow Monkey recipes that can help you save time without sacrificing nutrition.

You're welcome. 

Passionate For Breakfast Bowl

Put a few scoops of Passion Fruit Snow Monkey in a bowl, top it with pomegranate seeds and blackberries and boom - the easiest, tastiest breakfast you've had since your parents retired from feeding you.


Cinnamon Super-Brew

Brew a fresh pot of your favorite coffee and while that magic is happening, put a scoop or three of Cinnamon Snow Monkey in your mug. Once the coffee is finished brewing, pour it over the scoops and stir. And just when you thought coffee couldn't get better...


Berry Açai-ting Smoothie

Blend 2/3 cup of Acai Berry Snow Monkey, 1 cup of milk alternative or coconut water, 1 banana and a handful of strawberries and blueberries until smooth. Pour into a cup. Insert straw*. Chug**.

**not optional


Cacao Cookie Sandwich

Bake or buy two of your favorite cookies - we tend to prefer the latter. Cut off the top portion of a pint of Cacao Snow Monkey (thickness is a matter of preference), remove the pint wrapping and proceed to make a sandwich. If you are unaware of how to make a sandwich, please click here.


Matcha Made In Heaven Sundae

Put 3 scoops of Matcha Green Tea Snow Monkey in a bowl, add a scoop of your favorite healthy (or not so healthy) chocolate fudge cookie dough, put two cones and some sprinkles on top. Then let the feasting begin.


Have a 5-minute Snow Monkey Recipe? Share it with us on social media using the hashtag #EatNoEvil 

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