The Snow Monkey Challenge: New Year, New Opportunity to Crush It

2017 was quite the year, wasn’t it? We went to market, expanded into 12 states and 250 stores, grew our team, and built a Tribe of bad***es like yourself. While all of that is pretty impressive, we know we can all do even better in 2018.

So, our team of Snow Monkeys is kicking off the year with an epic fitness journey. We’ve each challenged ourselves by setting a personal fitness goal to work towards throughout the month of January. We’ll be sharing our progress with you on Instagram, email and right here on the blog. We encourage each of you to answer the call of the wild by joining this challenge and sharing your progress by using the hashtag #EatNoEvil and tagging us @eatsnowmonkey on Instagram. The rules are simple, just pick a goal, determine what success will look like and feel the difference it makes to your body, mind and soul.

Curious what each Monkey will be up to? Check out our goals and why we chose them below!


Go Keto with Rachel

"I am doing well with strength training and have built solid muscle mass, so now I want to focus on leaning out. The Keto diet allows your body to enter ketosis, which means you are burning fat as an energy source instead of glucose. It also helps with increased mental focus and physical endurance, and decreased symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disease. I’m pumped to see how this diet improves my wellbeing from mind to muscle.”

 My ke(y)to success:

  1. Starting the Ketogenic diet, following the keto diet roadmap, and tracking my progress in MyFitness Pal
  2. Sleeping a minimum of 7 hours per day and tracking this in a sleep log
  3. Maintaining my current training routine of 3x HIIT and 3x cardio per week

 Be Mindful with Mariana

“I am challenging myself with recovery. I have been in an out of physical therapy for many years, the last of which was for a dislocated shoulder. I never seem to complete my recovery and cut it short by a month or two, which in turn lands me in physical therapy again. This time I’m adding more discipline and patience to my routine to see it through and complete my recovery journey with a healthier, stronger body.”

 My road to complete recovery:

  1. Doing my hip and shoulder strengthening 6 days per week with 1 rest day where I will do yoga instead
  2. Drinking a recovery drink everyday of turmeric, ginger, lemon and a different superfood every week
  3. Meditating every day for a minimum of 10 minutes”

 Run with Ruby

“Running was a huge part of my childhood. Not only was it something that helped me cope with stress, but also something I truly enjoyed. I have not been so committed to it in my adult life, but it is so important to have some kind of outlet where I can relieve the increased levels of stress I experience in this stage of life. So, I’m super excited to get back into running and once again reap both the physical and mental benefits.”

I’m running into 2018 like:

  1. Making it a goal to run a total of 50 miles by the end of the challenge
  2. Running 5 miles every Monday
  3. Running 3 miles every Wednesday and Friday
  4. Finishing off the month with a long run

 Stretch Yourself with Liza

“I have a love-hate relationship with stretching. I know it’s fundamental to my overall wellness and necessary for avoiding injury, but for a variety of reasons, such as my busy schedule, I tend to neglect it. When I do stretch, though, problem areas like my lower back feel incredibly relieved and are free from pain. So, I am challenging myself to make this fitness essential part of my everyday life and can’t wait to feel the difference throughout my entire body.”

How I’m stretching my limits:

  1. Practicing yoga 2x per week and attending Stretch Lab 1x week
  2. Doing 30-minute at-home stretch routines 2x per week
  3. Using a foam roller for 10 minutes 6x per week
  4. Taking 5 minutes at lunch every day to do light stretches


Ready. Set. Go bananas, fellow monkeys.

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