The Snow Monkey Challenge: Week 3 Updates

Alright monkeys, we just completed week 3 of our Snow Monkey Challenge and we don’t know about you (actually we do because we’ve seen it on the ‘gram), but over at Snow Monkey HQ things are going pretty well. We’re learning new tips and tricks for fueling, motivating and pushing our bodies to their full potential.

We want our Tribe to dominate 2018, and if these past few weeks are any indication, we’re clearly on track!

Check out our updates below and keep sharing your progress with us via social media and email - we love hearing about your success!



“I’m sore, but I’m totally okay with it! Falling back in love with running has been awesome. I feel stronger, happier and more mindful. Some of my runs haven’t been as long or as fast as I wanted and I definitely kicked up an old knee injury, but hey, you can’t have it all. I’m super proud of myself for maintaining my motivation when my knee started hurting as it would have been an easy excuse for taking a break. But instead of running outdoors, I’ve just switched to using the elliptical for lower impact. I won’t lie, I dread those elliptical runs a little bit, but they’re necessary for my knee to properly recover.

Beyond the challenge itself (and this may sounds a bit selfish, but whatever), it has been so amazing to do something that only I benefit from. So much of my time and energy is spent on other people, it’s good to have something that’s just for me. The reason I wanted to get back into running in the first place was because of the stress relief it used to give me, so to have that relief back and in full force over the last few weeks has been huge.”



“In all honesty, I feel like this challenge could be going a bit better. I’ve had a few setbacks like my insurance denying my PT and not being able to find turmeric for my wellness drink while traveling for business. But despite the setbacks, I have been able to keep myself motivated in other aspects of my challenge such as doing my hip and shoulder strengthening exercises, diligently drinking my wellness drink when at home in LA, and meditating every day. I’ve also been sure to keep my end goal, getting back into triathlons, top of mind in order to keep pushing myself throughout the challenge.

Over the last few fews, I’ve really learned how hard it can be to form new habits (there may or may not be a Post It note on my front door reminding me of the wellness drink). The difference I’ve felt in my body and the prospect of reaching my end goal has kept me going, though, and I’m excited to continue to get stronger throughout this challenge. I’ve also made the executive decision to extend my challenge until February 15 to make up for lost time during my week of travel because any setback can be overcome as long as you continue to hold yourself accountable.”



“If you don’t stretch, you should look into it because I am definitely a fan. Over the last few weeks I have felt such a difference in my body. Not only from a day-to-day standpoint, but from a recovery standpoint as well. I went skiing over MLK weekend, and if you ski you know how much your quads burn at the end of the day and how hard it is to break through that soreness the next day. But this time, I was much less sore to begin with and then breaking through the soreness each day was a breeze. Beyond the physical benefits of stretching, I have also really enjoyed the mental benefits that come along with it. I’ve found going to yoga and stretching at the end of each day to be incredible stress-relievers.

I can’t say I have been perfect in adhering to my goals for the challenge, though. There is definitely room for improvement during the last few weeks, such as remembering to take time at lunch every day to do a couple stretches and being more diligent with the foam roller. But overall, I’m feeling good about the way the challenge has been going.”



“If you’re interested in having clean, consistent energy all day long, I highly recommend the Keto diet. I’ll admit it took me a second to truly believe in the diet and grasp its methodology; I had to be convinced that eating a diet containing 70% fat would actually help me burn fat vs. make me fat. However, I was convinced after extensive research and speaking to a few nutritionists to help me meal plan and calculate my ideal macro intake. So far, being Keto has had a significant impact on my energy levels. I feel stronger, more energized and focused on a daily basis. It's like being consistently on coffee without the crash.

Sticking to Keto during the week has been easy; I wake up and have a coffee with MCT oils then head to the gym. I have my first meal around 1pm followed by dinner at 8pm. Both my meals are Keto and I track all my macros in MyFitnessPal. From my daily routine you'll notice that I've combined my Keto diet with intermittent fasting (fasting for 16 hours, eating for 8 hours). The tricky part is sticking to Keto when I travel and when I go out on the weekends (a few vodka sodas will kick my body out of Ketosis). To keep myself accountable going forward I ordered test strips to monitor if my body is in ketosis, how sensitive my body is to 'grey area' foods and evaluate if my body is naturally good at remaining in ketosis. The other part of my challenge that I need to focus on more is sleeping at least seven hours every night; right now I’m getting between five and six. Even though the Keto diet has helped with my energy levels, nothing trumps quality sleep. So all in all, I’m really excited to up my game and kill the last half of this challenge.”

That’s it for now, but as always: stay fit, stay fly fellow monkeys.

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