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National Ice Cream Day

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The most fun holidays aren’t always the ones marked in bold on the calendar. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all have their merits, but there’s a lot to coordinate. Simple holidays that are an excuse for a stress-free good time are the little pick-me-ups you need to get through a busy week. 

Lo and behold, here’s National Ice Cream Day. There are no complicated gift exchanges, five-course meals, or costumes. It’s a come-as-you-are event where you’re intended to enjoy ice cream to your heart’s content.

What is National Ice Cream Day?

National Ice Cream Day is the third Sunday of July. National Ice Cream day is the result of a proclamation signed by Ronald Regan in 1984. The average American consumes over 20 pounds of ice cream every year, statistically placing ice cream as one of the most beloved treats in the country. It must be a big deal if the president got involved. 

In fact, presidents and founding fathers have been advocates for ice cream in almost all of recorded history. America’s first president, George Washington, is alleged to have spent over $200 on ice cream one summer. 

That’s a lot of money to spend on ice cream for the summer in today’s dollars -- about $6,000 a lot. He wound up outfitting the capital with ice cream making equipment so he could keep himself in a steady supply.

Actually, It’s National Ice Cream Month

While most people are more familiar with there being one official day, the entire month of July is actually National Ice Cream Month. The day is just a special highlight for ice cream related events. You don’t need to wait until the third Sunday to fill up your bowl. When you choose a healthy ice cream, you don’t even need to wait until July. 

How is National Ice Cream Day Celebrated?

Dessert shops tend to host events and specials for National Ice Cream Day. Some of them offer special ice cream based desserts. Others might give away a small, free portion or discount their products to incentivize people to celebrate. 

Alternatively, National Ice Cream Day can be observed at home. In your pajamas. While you’re eating breakfast. When you choose Snow Monkey, ice cream is a healthy food, and you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to dig in.

National Ice Cream Day Activities

National ice cream day should be a family tradition. We’re in favor of treating it like a major holiday and celebrating with ice cream related activities that can get the whole family together. (Or just your housemates if you’re abiding by social distancing guidelines).

Make Your Own Waffle Cones

Waffle cones are something that we take for granted. They just kind of show up. They’re crunchy, delicious, and their origins seem to be a complete mystery. Making waffle cones at home is actually easier than baking your own bread. The process is very similar to making pancakes or crepes. If you have a waffle cone maker, it hardly takes any effort at all. 

Waffle Brunch Bar

Everyone loves waffles. Their crispy golden little squares are perfect holders for syrup, or in this case, ice cream. A waffle bar is easy to make. All you need is a box of gluten-free protein waffle and pancake mix. Mix up the batter according to the package directions. 

You can substitute dairy milk for plant milk and eggs for flax eggs to make the batter vegan and allergy-friendly. The fun doesn’t stop there. You can add cocoa powder or matcha to the batter to give your waffles an extra pop of flavor. 

Just pour the batter into your waffle maker and let it cook. Serve them with a dollop of ice cream on top. Snow Monkey Maple Cinnamon ice cream pairs perfectly with protein waffles. Let the ice cream melt into the waffle’s nooks and crannies. Serve them up with some fresh fruit to add nutrition and flavor, or top them with toasted coconut or toasted seeds for a little crunch.

Ice Cream for Every Meal

Ice cream for every meal is a fun challenge. It’s easy to incorporate ice cream into breakfast or dessert, where most people expect to have something sweet to get their bodies going or pick themselves up. But what about the rest of your meals?

Challenge yourself to find a way to use ice cream at every meal. It’s no fun for us to spoil the challenge, but we’ll leave you a little hint. Ice cream can be melted into a sauce or glaze. Do what you will with that information. 

The Takeaway

National Ice Cream Day definitely deserves more recognition than it gets. In our opinion, it’s the perfect holiday. Snow Monkey is fit to join your ice cream festivities, even if you want to enjoy ice cream for your Monday morning breakfast every day of the year.

Snow Monkey is built to be healthy enough to eat at every meal. Our allergen-free and plant-based ice cream is made from only fruit, seeds, and superfoods. It comes in an assortment of antioxidant-packed flavors. It’s the ice cream you’ve been looking for your whole life - the one you can eat a whole pint of unapologetically. Happy National Ice Cream Day from Snow Monkey!


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