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English Cleveland

Executive Assistant

English Cleveland is the right-hand Executive Assistant to CEO, Rachel Geicke, and support for the whole Snow Monkey squad. She’s the team superhero and has the innate ability to make sure everyone is smiling.

Born and raised in the City of Burbank, California, English is a true California girl with a deep passion for community and culture. She’s all about putting her vision into action and staying true to the purpose. Her love for philanthropy and savviness for connecting dots plays into her unique role at Snow Monkey (more ice cream for the world!). English attributes her heart for giving and helping, to God, and the blessing of being able to travel the world; to learn, eat, pray, and live amongst other communities, to grow and understand the real value of how truly ‘people make the world go round.’

English started at MTV NEWS and now has over 10+ years of experience managing crazy lives, schedules, and brands at a personal and executive level… again, superhero. Her experiences range anywhere from the worlds of Beauty or Entertainment to Fashion and Fine Jewelry. If she is not saving the day or sharing her favorite Snow Monkey flavor of the week, English is more than likely always traveling, designing, shopping, hosting live cooking shows, or spending time with family all whilst crushing a pint of Snow Monkey.