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Kathy Hunter

Sales Director

Kathy entered the Snow Monkey Kingdom in early 2020 for two reasons: for the love of building brands to become recognizable, household names and for the love of ice cream, of course. She is a motivated sales leader whose passion has grown companies like Atkins, thinkThin, barkThins®, and most recently, Amplify Snack Brands (best known for SkinnyPop® Popcorn)! As you can see, Kathy has a theme for “health food” especially hailing from Southern California. She is thrilled to be a part of the Snow Monkey Team, including all of the shenanigans, and brings an exciting new female force to the brand.

Her creative spirit expands into her personal life, where she is an active member of the Cities Community Emergency Response Team (um, can we say bada**?!), as well as an avid gardener AND an award winning photographer! That being said, she might just be doing our team photoshoots from now on… When Kathy is not traveling, she enjoys cycling and hanging out with her 2 human children, but prefers her 3 furry ones (just kidding, but not really). Also, ask her about her killer playlist one day, it’s epic.