Mariana Ferreira

Co-founder & COO

Truly a citizen of the world, Mariana was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in six different countries across four continents. In order to understand her, you have to know that that she’s a master of balance. She can switch perspectives, roles and languages faster than you can open a fresh pint of Snow Monkey.

Mariana is the brains behind the energizing recipes, the sustainable ingredients and the mad science that goes into making each pint of Snow Monkey wholesome and healthy. When she’s not overseeing Snow Monkey’s production, she’s tracking the movement of thousands of pints across the U.S. and troubleshooting supply chain complexities with distributors. She’s also monitoring cash flow and holding the entire team together with good humor and thoughtful processes.

With a dual degree in information systems and marketing from Boston University, and previous experience in an early stage tech startup, Mariana brings her love of technology to everything she does for Snow Monkey.

A data-driven, logical leader, Mariana is also deeply mindful. Her social consciousness has fused with her inner-nerd, giving rise to a passion for working with and improving food systems. Get ready to learn the whole story from plant to pint. For Mariana, Snow Monkey is an expression of her ongoing mission to further knowledge and education about functional nutrition benefits and sustainable foods... and ultimately to ignite a healthy revolution.