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Get to know the women behind the pints.


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The Snow Monkey Story

Founded by female athlete, Rachel Geicke, while on the Boston University D1 Rowing team, Snow Monkey 🐒 was born out of personal necessity. Rachel was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2014 and was quickly forced to find a new normal when it came to the food she ate - juggling the regimented diet required by her sport and training, the restrictiveness of Celiac disease and her natural, human desire to indulge. She scoured grocery store shelves looking for delicious, indulgent foods that would satisfy all elements of her new dietary needs, but her search unsurprisingly turned up empty.

Not being one to take defeat well, Rachel took matters into her own hands 💪. She began churning frozen bananas in her KitchenAid to create makeshift ‘ice cream’ and then tried adding other ingredients like apples, hemp seeds and berries to up the nutritional profile. Soon, family and friends started asking her to make them some of her ‘ice cream’ so they could also indulge guilt-free. That’s when she realized she was not the only one with this problem - there were multiple people in her own circle who, for various reasons ranging from allergies to GI issues to dietary preferences, were unable to enjoy desserts like ice cream in a delicious, nutritious way. She knew she was on to something.

So, she (metaphorically) traded in her KitchenAid for a commercial kitchen and started perfecting her recipe. Then she enrolled in the Boston University Venture Accelerator with her plant-based ice cream concept, won a university grant, graduated, moved to Los Angeles, launched a Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded within 24 hours 💰, knocked on every LA-based retailer’s door (not a metaphor - she really did that), and officially launched Snow Monkey onto grocery store shelves in January 2017. The rest is history - er, well...not just brings us to today.


Summer 2015

First batch of what would later become Snow Monkey is made

Fall 2015

Rachel begins work on the Snow Monkey brand

Winter 2015

Rachel graduates from BU, moves to LA & launches Kickstarter campaign to get initial funding

Spring 2016

Kickstarter campaign is fully funded within 24h, Rachel looks for a co-packing partner who won’t tell her she’s crazy

January 2017

Snow Monkey officially launches in Los Angeles, CA

Fall 2017

Accepted into the Chobani Food Incubator - shoutout Hamedi, Jackie & Mitch for believing in us so early on!

Spring 2018

Passion Fruit, Matcha Green Tea, and Maple Cinnamon are launched

Fall 2018

Rachel is named to the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Summer 2019

Redesigned our packaging

Spring 2020

Strawberry and Chocolate Mint Chip are launched

Fall 2020

Snow Monkey went international - Hello, Hong Kong aka Rachel’s hometown!

Infinity & Beyond

Gotta wait and see but we promise it’s cool 😎