Rachel Geicke

Co-founder & CEO

 Rachel Geicke - Co-Founder 

Nothing Rachel does is ever small. That “cute” startup she co-founded? It’s a superfood-ice-treat-powered change agent. Take on helping to solving world hunger? Why yes, that’s an audacious but real goal. Drop the obesity rate for children in the United States? Yep, that’s on her radar. When you help create something as delicious as Snow Monkey, it’s understandable to think she’s just an athlete who loves food. She can rattle off nutrition stats about superfoods in her sleep. Imagine what she can do when she’s awake.

Mariana Ferreira

Co-founder & COO

Mariana Ferreira - Co-Founder 

Truly a citizen of the world, Mari has lived in more countries than you traveled to during your university gap year. Along the way she developed a social consciousness that fused with her inner-nerd, giving rise to a passion for working with and improving food systems. Ask her about bananas, we dare you. Get ready to learn the whole story from plant to pint. For Mari, Snow Monkey is an expression of her ongoing mission to further sustainable food while holding a balanced perspective and… yes indulge in her chocolate addiction in the process.



Katie Krell

Director of Impact and Partnerships

Helping Snow Monkey get clear about what matters. In Katie’s world, Snow Monkey is a medium to get people thinking with their stomachs—(the dream is real!). Bite, pause, consider. Food is pleasure, food is fuel and food is a choice. With a background in coaching, creating community and orchestrating extraordinary learning and adventure experiences, Katie’s passion for convening people, connecting action to purpose and invoking transformation makes her the ideal curator of Snow Monkey’s Tribe and mission.

Liza Hinman

Director of Marketing

Whether it be the work-hard-play-hard mentality, the dedication to mindful consumption, or the enthusiasm for challenging oneself beyond perceived limitations, Liza is determined to make the various aspects of the Snow Monkey lifestyle accessible to all and with good reason. After being diagnosed with numerous food intolerances between the ages of 18 and 21, she quickly had to find a new normal in regard to eating healthfully and consuming the proper nutrients. What started out as a frustrating journey, soon evolved into a revitalized outlook on life and food, which she believes everyone deserves.


Director of HR and Puppy Therapy

“That breakfast you just made for yourself looks pretty good. Want to give it to me?”

Otto is here to make sure everyone is happy at all moments of the day. He is dedicated to making sure every tribe member goes on at least two walks a day, has ample time to relax in the bath tub, and receives the proper amount of belly scratches. Otto realized his passion for helping others be the happiest, most loved versions of themselves upon birth; although his first visit to the dog park had a profound impact on him as well.

Otto is truly a jack-of-all-trades. In addition to his duties at Snow Monkey, he is also pursuing a degree in behavioral studies at the local dog school, is determined to become the resident taste-tester (currently the founders won’t allow it- sad!), and is on a mission to eat everything in his path whether it be socks, documents, or hand lotion. His inner passions and determination allow him to come to work each morning ready to give as much love as he can, chase every ball he sees, and see the potential every creature that has hands.

Otto is one of the best companions you can find and sees the absolute best in everyone. His personality type is ESFP so this all makes sense, as Myers & Briggs Type Indicator says ESFPs are, “outgoing, friendly, and accepting. Exuberant lovers of life, people, and material comforts. Enjoy working with others to make things happen. Bring common sense and a realistic approach to their work, and make work fun. Flexible and spontaneous, adapt readily to new people and environments. Learn best by trying a new skill with other people.”