Mel Fischer

Marketing Manager

Mel Fischer is the Marketing Manager, aka the CMO’s sidekick for all things marketing. She has her hand in everything but thrives out in the wild running all things field related, that means everything from creating brand experiences to scooping Snow Monkey in your local gym for your post-workout bite.

If she’s not heads down on her computer working on the next game plan to bring Snow Monkey into every house nationwide, Mel can be found in the kitchen. As a chef by trade, she left the heat of the kitchen to chill out in the freezer aisle. Mel’s passion for nutrition didn’t just stem from being a chef; when her younger brother was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in his early teens, she has since made it her mission to find healthy, nutrient packed snacks for people of all dietary needs to enjoy.

Mel graduated with from the Charlotte campus of Johnson & Wales University, during that time she gained experience in restaurants and hotels throughout the Carolinas. She also had the opportunity to work in events such as the Masters Tournaments at Augusta National and large trade shows, like the National Restaurant Association show, with Chobani. After graduation Mel went on to work for Chobani, full-time, in several fields (both literally and figuratively) gathering herself a large knowledge base for her future career eating Snow Monkey.