When was the last time you indulged, really treated yourself by eating something that was healthy? ….Yeah, we thought so.

The idea of delicious hasn’t quite synched up with what is nutritious. So we eat something like ice cream to treat ourselves, to celebrate, to indulge. We have a deep emotional connection to ice cream. 82% of Americans are eating it, but the majority feel guilty later.

And there’s a good reason for the guilt. Picture this: a pint of the Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked contains 216% of your daily recommended sugar intake and 88% of your daily recommended fat intake. To make matters worse, 40 million Americans are lactose intolerant.

Americans are in an unhealthy relationship with food, and it’s time to revolutionize the way we eat. Snow Monkey is here to reimagine staple favorites as delicious fuel for a healthy life. And we’re starting by reinventing ice cream.

In their university kitchen, between exams, athletics and other college diversions, our co-founders Rachel and Mariana concocted a recipe—that turned into a plan—that developed into a mission—that became Snow Monkey.

Snow Monkey Superfood Ice Treat is made from only seven natural, plant-based ingredients, making it vegan, paleo, non-dairy and free from all eight major allergens like gluten, soy, nuts and lactose. An entire pint of Snow Monkey has 20g of protein, just under 400 calories, and it is packed with fiber and antioxidants. Superfood Ice Treat is nutritious and delicious, making it the perfect anytime treat for breakfast, fuel or indulgence.

We believe that food is a choice, and we want you to win every time. What are you waiting for? Lets spoon.


We believe nutritious should be delicious and that our bodies deserve intelligent fuel. We took a bunch of superfoods, fruits and seeds and created an ice treat fit for an athlete. We like to say we upgraded ice cream—think of Snow Monkey as the high performance model.
We’re on a mission to change the way people eat by reimagining staple favorites as delicious fuel for a healthy life, sparking a movement where all people have access to affordable food that is great for us and great for the environment.
We are crazy passionate about food education, sustainably-sourced ingredients and female entrepreneurship. Expect to hear more from us in all of these realms as Snow Monkey grows and thrives. We’re not just a health food company, we’re here for a purpose.


Rachel Geicke - Co-Founder 
Nothing Rachel does is ever small. That “cute” startup she co-founded? It’s a superfood-ice-treat-powered change agent. Take on helping to solving world hunger? Why yes, that’s an audacious but real goal. Drop the obesity rate for children in the United States? Yep, that’s on her radar. When you help create something as delicious as Snow Monkey, it’s understandable to think she’s just an athlete who loves food. She can rattle off nutrition stats about superfoods in her sleep. Imagine what she can do when she’s awake.
Mariana Ferreira - Co-Founder 
Truly a citizen of the world, Mari has lived in more countries than you traveled to during your university gap year. Along the way she developed a social consciousness that fused with her inner-nerd, giving rise to a passion for working with and improving food systems. Ask her about bananas, we dare you. Get ready to learn the whole story from plant to pint. For Mari, Snow Monkey is an expression of her ongoing mission to further sustainable food while holding a balanced perspective and… yes indulge in her chocolate addiction in the process.
Katie Krell - Impact, Partnerships & Storytelling 
Helping Snow Monkey get clear about what matters. In Katie’s world, Snow Monkey is a medium to get people thinking with their stomachs—(the dream is real!). Bite, pause, consider. Food is pleasure, food is fuel and food is a choice. With a background in coaching, creating community and orchestrating extraordinary learning and adventure experiences, Katie’s passion for convening people, connecting action to purpose and invoking transformation makes her the ideal curator of Snow Monkey’s Tribe and mission.
Otto  - HR & Director of Puppy Therapy 
Most likely found in the bathtub. Or on the floor. Or in the bed. Or on the sofa. Or by your toes, chewing on your latest contract or valuable meeting notes because they looked like they wanted to play. Otherwise, he's a vital addition to this team. And if he doesn't like you, you can't sit with us.