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This is What the Snow Monkey Tribe is Saying About Us.

Snow Monkey Reviews


"This is one of the first 'ice creams' in the vegan category that I've seen that doesn't have a ton of iffy ingredients in it. In fact, the ingredients aren't really anything you wouldn't or couldn't put into a smoothie at home," - Alix Turoff, MS, RD, CDN, CPT at Alix Turoff Nutrition & Fitness 


"The cacao flavor is the perfect sweet treat that I don't feel guilty about eating, I feel like a little kid who is sneaking in a few bites of 'ice cream' for breakfast when their mom isn't looking, but really it's a great way to fuel up and start my day!"  - Kelly O., Hermosa Beach, CA


"Snow Monkey has been my go-to pre and post-workout snack for the last 8 months. Perfect for an energy boost and protein supplement, and on top of that it tastes incredible."  - Peter B., Baltimore, MD